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INTERGEN (Since 01 Sep 2018)
The intergenerational family businesses as a stress management instrument
for entrepreneurs

The main purpose of the INTERGEN academic consortium is to support different efforts of many people to preserve the family in a respectful way, using the following example as a visualization of the intergenerational business linkages:
Exaple 1:
- the grandparents produce grape;
- the parents produce wine (including the grape of their parents);
- the children create an on-line shop and they also sell the grape and the wine of their relatives.
Example 2:
- the grandparents produce apples;
- the parents produce apple juice (including the fruits of the grandparents;
- the children create an on-line shop and they also sell the apples and the apple juice of their relatives.
This new theory has been originally described in:
Pavlov, D., Sheresheva, M., Perello, M. (2017). The Intergenerational Small Family Enterprises as Strategic Entities for the Future of the European Civilization - A Point of View // Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, 2017, issue 9, p.p. 26-38, ISSN 1314-0175.

To study how the neoclassic concept of the intergenerational family businesses could be used as an instrument to manage the entrepreneurial stress.

The main tasks of the project are:
(1) To study the general attitude of the students for their career development.
(2) To study the influence of this new concept on their entrepreneurial attitudes.
(3) To study how this new theory could reduce their entrepreneurial stress.
(4) To study how this theory could improve their well-being.

Improved understanding about the role of the intergenerational family businesses for the student development as entrepreneurs.

WP1 Management.
WP2 Implementation of a survey among students.
WP3 Design of publications with the outcomes.
WP4 Dissemination and sustainable exploitation of the results.

The project members (especially under HEInnovate concept of the European Commission it is expected the research to be done with non-public funds, especially from firms).